The Limassol Tourism Board (LTC) is pleased to announce it has been awarded a European Union CIVITAS project contending against 36 competing consortia. Our involvement in state-of-the-art European programmes such as CIVITAS enables the intelligence learned to be utilized into upgrading our tourist product, to ensure that Limassol as a destination remains at leading edge.

LTC, as part of a consortium, has been awarded the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project which focuses on sustainable mobility in Mediterranean and Atlantic island tourist cities.

With this new project, LTC and its European partners take CIVITAS to a new level of innovation with 6 cities spanning the diversity of Europe from Madeira to Limassol; and with links to initiatives in China.

The €18 million DESTINATIONS project aims to change the mind-sets of all stakeholders involved in managing the “mobility for growth” challenge in tourist cities, while adopting an integrated view of tourist and resident mobility. The project focuses on smaller touristic destinations where mobility is highly car dependent, and congestion and other harmful mobility impacts bloom when and where they are less desired. This generates exceptional demands and trade-offs and local administrations have varying competences for coping with tourist and resident mobility needs.

To address this challenge, DESTINATIONS will implement a set of mutually reinforcing innovative mobility solutions in six urban areas of varying sizes and characteristics: Limassol, Cyprus; Funchal, Portugal; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain; La Valetta, Malta; Elba, Italy; and Rethymno, Greece.

The project will run for four years.