The Wine Festival was organised for the first time in 1961 and since then it has become an established annual event of merrymaking and fun, in which the citizens of Limassol are not the only participants; visitors come also from every part of Cyprus. Its reputation is spread beyond the geographic boundaries of the island. In September of each year, Limassol becomes the attraction of thousands of tourists who visit the Municipal Garden to enjoy the Wine Festival and play with the locals a starring role in this euphoria. They become the protagonists since the Festival is a play which is mounted and the visitors are the enthusiasts, who banish from their mind all concerns and feel an inward sense of comfort, free from social conventions or protocols, in an atmosphere of unconditional fraternization, generated by the mysterious effect of wine. Drinking Cypriot wine is as if the rays of sunlight, the dawn breeze, the atmosphere lucidity, the romantic magic of the land and the sky of Cyprus transfused you.


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