On May 4, at 6 am, and under the new Decree on Infectious Diseases (Determination of Measures to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus COVID - 19), the regulation comes into force which allows us to cycle. More specifically:
1. We are allowed to cycle in the province where we live.
2. We must send a text message to service 8998, (no. 6)
3. We ride without exceeding 2 people. However, we are allowed to have minor children with us. We keep a distance of at least 2 meters. Not next to each other, but one in front and the other behind.
4. We are also allowed to ride bicycle lanes in parks, which according to the new decree are open to the public.
5. This Decree shall remain in force until 21 May, the date on which the sending of messages is abolished, and shall now apply even before the measures against the pandemic.
The distance one can travel is free.
Regarding the duration of cycling, the announcement of the Ministry of Health is valid. That is, the reasonable time.