Regular Passenger Transport Companies, as well as all public transport by bus, ie Shuttle services to and from airports, tourist buses and private buses will carry passengers in equal numbers 50% of the capacity of their vehicles rounded to the immediately lower integer number (eg the number 6.35 is converted to 6), the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works said in a statement.

The Ministry of Transport clarifies that the measure of cancellation of all Regular Routes by Payroll per passenger on Sundays or public holidays continues to be valid.

Regarding taxis (urban / rural / intercity), the Ministry of Transport clarifies that taxis with a capacity of four people can carry a maximum of two passengers (excluding the driver) and taxis with a capacity of more than four people can carry at most three passengers (excluding the driver).

The Ministry of Transport states that drivers of buses and taxis must take Personal Protection Measures, ie wear gloves and a mask of high respiratory protection. Drivers should also be able to respond when a passenger has symptoms of the COVID-19 epidemic.

In addition, it is noted that the instructions of the Ministry of Transport include measures that the company itself should take as a precaution in relation to informing and protecting the public and employees as well as management in cases of possible COVID-19 cases.