19th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival Closing with an open air performance by the French dance company 100 issues
@ Heroes Square, 30/6

This year’s Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival attempts to present a completely different closing for the festival. Τhe French dance company 100 issues will be presented in a performance intended for open spaces and squares. The main aim of this show is to bring into a direct contact the wider public with the contemporary dance in an open air performance for all, with free entrance!

“Sonate pour 4 Chiens”: Τhe title of this play could have been it’s up to you, Avatar 2, the rules: you have to adjust them or adapt yourself or you lose. This play could get rid of words such as "Sonata" or "Dog", because despite what the performers pretend, none of them ever owned a dog or came from a classical cultural background. Nevertheless, they share with the Canine species that they got bones to chomp on! It's their pole, and that their musical style is undefinable, it's their Sonate. Τhe composition method of this sweaty variation is a game with complicated rules that push the artists to permanently adjust themselves and overcome their personal boundaries.

Writers and interpreters: Valo Hollenstein, Vincent Maggioni, Cyril Pernot & Lorca Renoux, Valentin Pointillart & Jérémy Guillermain