This year's race is taking place on the 10th of April. The spectacular spring weather, the calm Mediterranean waters and the smiles on the faces of the thousands of people that participate or watch the Marathon have make the day of the race a glorious one!
Fully accredited by AIMS , the Limassol Marathon takes place every year in early spring, when temperatures in Europe are still winterish, and runs in a bright, sunny environment on a flat course along Limassol’s beautiful coastline.

The course of the Limassol Marathon is of a low degree of difficulty. It is essentially a flat race with its unique characteristic being the long straight lines, and the greatest part of the marathon taking place along the coastal road of greater Limassol.

Following the course of the race, athletes start from the centre of the city, along the beachfront, pass through a number of communities, come across the ancient ruins of Amathus Kingdom and enjoy wonderful views and the sea air of the Mediterranean. 42.195 kilometres. 26.2188 miles.
The options for participation cover all the age ranges and endurances. Besides the Marathon, other races offered include the Half-Marathon, the 10 Km Health Race, the Corporate Race and the 1 Km Children / Students’ Race.

Participation in the race can easily be combined with a short or longer stay in Cyprus to enjoy the beautiful weather, Cyprus gastronomy and wine, and explore the local culture and sites. An opportunity not to be missed!