Discover and enjoy the natural beauty of the island from the pedal of a bike with our suggested itineraries, all created to put you on the ‘right track’ and showcase Cyprus’ stunning landscape.

Cyprus is also part of the cofunded project ‘MedCycleTour’, which is based on the ‘European Mediterranean Route - EuroVelo 8’, one of the 15 long distance cycle routes in the network 'EuroVelo' that connects 11 countries. ‘MedCycleTour’ aims to develop cycle tourism in the Mediterranean region by providing transnational tools to attract visitors. The project is cofunded by the Interreg Mediterranean Programme, the project has a budget of over €2,5 million.

The MedCycleRoute project will contribute to the development of the EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean Route by exchanging good practices; surveying the existing cycle route; developing regional and transnational action plans; preparing and publishing promotional material related to EuroVelo 8; and implementing pilot projects such as signposting, promotional tools (web sites, apps, etc.) and cycle friendly schemes.

Lead by the Andalusian Government - Agency of Public Works, Andalusian Ministry of Development and Housing (Spain) -, the project has 10 other partners from 7 countries, besides the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. The European Cyclists´ Federation (Belgium), Alpes Maritimes (France), Catalonia Region (Spain), Western Greece (Greece), Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (Italy), Province of Mantova (Italy), Regional Development Center of Koper (Slovenia), Croatian National Tourism Board (Croatia) and the Cluster for Eco-Social Innovation and Development (Croatia).

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