CIVITAS DESTINATIONS was officially launched on Sept 1st 2016. The project will demonstrate and evaluate the effectiveness of innovative sustainable solutions in six European tourists’ cities with different characteristics but sharing common challenges: Madeira (Portugal), Las Palmas (Spain), Valletta (Malta), Elba (Italy), Rethymno (Greece) and Limassol (Cyprus). The solutions will address;

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning for residents and visitors
  • Safe, attractive and accessible public spaces for all generations
  • Shared mobility and e-infrastructures towards zero emissions transport
  • Smart and clean urban freight logistics at tourist destinations
  • Mobility management and awareness for sustainable mobility
  • Attractive, clean, accessible and efficient public transport


Each partner city is testing new ways to help residents, tourists and freight flow seamlessly and sustainably through their cities. The project aims to show how sustainable mobility boosts economic growth and job creation in European cities with strong tourist economies while providing sustainable environments for visitors and residents alike. Particular attention is given to strengthen cooperation between European cities and China.

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 As a demonstration city within the CIVITAS program, Limassol expects to improve the quality of life, urban accessibility, reduce emissions and energy consumption, increase safety and improve cost effectiveness and integration of transport services. Specifically, the Limassol Tourism Board in collaboration with the Limassol Municipality and Stratagem Energy Ltd will implement the following intelligent sustainable measures within the four years CITIVAS project:


  • Develop a Sustainable Mobility Action Plan to satisfy the mobility needs of residents and tourists: A new planning concept will be developed to address transport related challenges and problems in a more sustainable and integrative way
  • Promote the uptake of electric vehicles: Car rental companies and bike rental companies will be supported to increase the number of rental e-cars and e-bikes
  • Bicycle challenge: Change the mobility habits of locals (Cypriots and foreign residents) by promoting cycling in their daily lives
  • Electric car rental connecting the Limassol area-airports-port: Increase of EV-chargers, free parking for e-vehicles, increase the number of e-vehicles available for rent
  • Expansion of bike sharing system. Include new bikes & e-bikes for rent
  • Smart Parking Guidance System: reduce unnecessary traffic congestion in the city centre by implementing smart parking technology
  • Green Label Award & Tourist Mobility Card: creation of a Tourism Mobility card that would provide an incentive for tourists and residents to use sustainable modes of transportation for their leisure trips. This card will be promoted and supported by hotels awarded the Green Label
  • Mobility Application & Travel Planner enabling tourists and residents to use real time information and plan their travels accordingly
  • Increase cycling and walking in combination with special interest tourist activities as an integrated product: cycling and walking networks will be expanded, bicycle parking facilities will be added, routes will be created or adapted, map panels and signage will be installed and promotional material will be produced and disseminated
  • Accessibility for disabled and visually hearing impaired: An integrated mobility solution will be included with blind and deaf people systems installation at traffic light crossings, nearby bus stops served by buses accessible to people with disabilities and points of access to the beach for them
  • Awareness on the use of sustainable mobility for leisure trips: increase awareness about the available sustainable mobility modes in Limassol by providing tourists with informative material and encouraging them to use sustainable mobility modes on their leisure trips
  • PT Traveller Information System: Electronic signs will be installed in twenty five ‘Smart’ bus stops informing PT users on bus arrival times and other relevant information. In addition, electronic signs will be installed inside the busses informing PT users on bus routes and stops, as well as providing information about nearby attractions, events and sustainable mobility information enabling visitors to plan accordingly
  • Promotion & creation of network for collection of used cooking oil: creation of a network for collecting used cooking oil from restaurants and hotels and transferring it into a sustainable biodiesel production in the mobility sector. Tourists will enjoy their leisure trip in a friendlier and cleaner environment
  • Creation of electric bus hop on hop off service in the old town: introduce two hop on hop off electric/hybrid buses with audio guides offering a tour in different languages. Tourists and residents will have the opportunity to travel around the city landmarks using the hop on hop off electric/hybrid bus instead of other conventional vehicles
  • Safe routes to school: Educating both students and parents through innovative workshops to use more sustainable modes to commute to school
  • Limassol city centre Urban Freight Logistic Action Plan: Introduce innovative solutions regarding traffic flow from urban freight logistics
  • Improvement of PT routes, timetables, ticket procedure and bike transportation on buses to make the service more attractive
  • Attractive & Accessible Public Spaces to Promote Intermodal Leisure trips: Introduce integrated sustainable mobility services