“Integrated Telematic Public Transport System for Sustainable Urban Mobility” titled EYKINHSH



The main objective of the transnational project titled EYKINHSH is to promote smart, sustainable and alternative mobility in the region Greece – Cyprus. Through this project, the participating regions (Cyprus, Rhodes, Santorini, Syros) will develop a model organizational and operational context for the strengthening and environmental upgrade of Urban Public Transport, which will include:

  • Adding an integrated telematic system in public transport, which includes dynamic information systems so that the public can utilize advanced means
  • Gradual substitution or addition of new vehicles in the Public Transport fleet introducing low emission or zero emission vehicles
  • Development of integrated Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
  • Common actions to create awareness among citizens and visitors, to design incentives and organize events to promote the use of Public Transport and the telematic system
  • Common publicity and promotional actions of the results and tools utilized in the project


EYKINHSH project is expected to contribute decisively in the modernization of public transport through the integration of Telematic Information Displays (TID) in the public transport system of four target areas, that are important reference areas in the transnational region. The impact of the project is expected to contribute in encouraging transportation by the public transport system both for citizens as well as for seasonal visitors aiming in improving the destination’s attractiveness. In addition, the citizens’ quality of life is expected to be upgraded, as well as the quality of the urban environment of the reference areas, in the medium term and the long term. Finally, the project is in line with the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), that will be developed in the participating areas.



Through the creation of an integrated telematic system for public transport, which includes dynamic information systems with the use of advanced technologies (installation of Telematic Information Displays), the EYKINHSH project aims mainly in promoting smart, sustainable and alternative mobility in the transnational area. The project impact is expected to contribute in strengthening Public Transport as a mobility mode among citizens and visitors by increasing its attractiveness. In general, it is expected to also achieve decrease of the environmental footprint by transportation in the target areas.

More specifically the project objectives concern:

  • Improving the quality of the urban environment through the decrease of traffic congestion resulting from the increased use of Public Transport
  • Decreasing CO2 emissions and other environmental effects resulting from the increased use of Public Transport
  • Improving management skills and decreasing the administration cost of transport infrastructure in the target areas
  • Improving the quality of life of citizens and the tourist experience of visitors resulting from better and more precise information regarding the routes of public transport
  • Decreasing the number of accidents due to the decrease in the use of private vehicles


The project objectives are completely in line and contribute in the special objective of the programmatic priority. The project effectiveness in relation to the achievement of the objectives will be evaluated by measurable objectives. The quantitative objectives that are evident of the successful implementation of the project objectives, concern:

  • Increase of Public Transport users:>11%- percentage of correct information/ better service for users:=100%- decrease of waiting time at bus stops:>80%
  • Decrease of travel time of public tranport:>7%- decrease of travelling by private vehicle:>5%- increase of visitors/tourists:>4 %
  • Decrease of traffic problems:>7%- decrease of environmental negative impact:>4% and according to the National Air Quality Plans.