LIMASSOL for cruise lovers

Situated in the south-eastern corner of the Mediterranean with a unique fusion of influences from the region, Limassol has much to offer to cruise lovers that either visit the port as part of their cruise itinerary or choose to take a cruise from Cyprus to nearby destinations.

Limassol is a city where the traditional and the modern coexist, offering desirable contemporary facilities yet still extending the local warm hospitality which characterises the island of Cyprus.

This distinct cosmopolitan seaside destination is rich in history and culture, and its special characteristics include the fact that it is conveniently located, both within the island and on the map, which makes exploring easy, whether it be island-wide or to nearby destinations.

Limassol port is the largest port of the island, located on the South coast of Cyprus at a distance of 60 km from Larnaka and Pafos International Airports. The port’s marine area covers one square kilometer, while its terrestrial area covers 1.3 square kilometers. It has modern, specialized facilities and equipment to serve different categories of customers and different types of cargo as well as of ships and passengers, offering fast, safe, reliable and unimpeded links between the island and the outside world. The Port Authorities having set high standards of objectives for Limassol port, have developed a new passenger area which consists of an innovative modern building with sheltered areas covering 8,500 square meters, parking spaces and pedestrian and vehicle passages.

The Limassol port is a significant cruise centre. It is certainly one of the most important cruise centres in the Eastern Mediterranean and is included in the itineraries of many international cruise ships sailing in the region. It is also a permanent base for Cypriot-owned cruise ships which, seasonally carry out excursions in the region, to Greece, the Greek islands, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Syria.