You are about to start planning the happiest most romantic day of your life. Isn’t it wonderful to know that you have a whole island of love just waiting to share your happiness with you?

In Cyprus a wedding is a reason for everyone to celebrate and this love of romance is certainly contagious!

Getting Married

Getting married in Limassol, the most cosmopolitan area of Cyprus, is easy and every care is taken to make sure that your special day runs smoothly and effortlessly. You may choose to let your tour operator deal with all the arrangements; you may work directly with your hotel or even decide to make all the arrangements yourself. Whatever you decide, there is very little red tape to stand in the way, and every decision is just a simple step away. Couples who intend to get married are required to personally apply for a wedding license only after their arrival to Cyprus, to the Marriage officer at the Municipality of their choice. This is a very easy and quick procedure that leaves you plenty of time to concentrate on your own special touches and enjoy the days leading up to the ceremony.

With 330 days of sunshine each year and sunsets straight from a picture postcard, the weather is certainly one thing that you won’t need to worry about.

Reception Venue

The choice of reception venues on offer is also vast and varied. Depending on the numbers involved you can opt for a full blown occasion for over a hundred guests or a simple and intimate affair. Most hotels have large banqueting suites to cater for bigger groups and can organise everything right down to the cake. Many couples however choose to take advantage of the glorious weather and hold their reception in romantic settings outdoors. For something really different and perhaps a little decadent you could even consider holding a reception on board a yacht. This is a unique and spectacular way for small parties to completely get away from the crowds and spend the day like a Hollywood star in total luxury clear waters of the Mediterranean.

The Honeymoon

One final thing to think about before you decide on your wedding plans is the honeymoon. Being such a compact and varied island also means that if you choose to, you can have a complete change of scenery after your wedding day. Perhaps heading off for a few days in the tranquillity of a pretty mountain village, or treating yourself to some pampering in one of the many luxury spa hotels. Your honeymoon can be as diverse as spending the morning breakfasting on the beach and ending the afternoon with a glass of wine on the ski slopes of the Troodos mountains. You may even decide to take a short cruise to nearby destinations. The dream is yours and the possibilities are endless!

The Guests

Having the people you love around you to share in your happiness is always a top priority. With many hotels and airlines offering special rates for large parties it’s easy to bring the whole family to Cyprus.

Limassol has something for everyone. Much more than a sun and sea destination, Limassol possesses a copious range of activities and pastimes for all.  From the sport enthusiasts, culture lovers, nature lovers, entertainment and leisure seekers to those who wish to be pampered at the luxurious spa centres.

Τhe bustling nightlife with its clubs, bars, and discothèques elevate the spirit. A cornucopia of restaurants, taverns and cafes, many with outdoor seating in beautiful settings, form a culinary extravaganza with tastes of local and international cuisines.

The Location

With 16kms of beachfront, Lemesos is a popular option for holidaymakers. Known for its fun-loving people and famous carnival, the town is not only the island’s main port but also its commercial centre. The old part of town includes a romantic medieval castle where, in 1191, King Richard the Lionheart is said to have married his queen, Berengaria. The castle is surrounded by plenty of trendy and traditional restaurants and pubs, as well as small

shops and markets. The centre of the island’s winemaking region, Lemesos is flanked by two impressive archaeo-logical sites, the city-kingdoms of Amathous and Kourion.

The Plan

This is the most special day of your life, so it’s important that it feels that way. You’ve probably been dreaming of it for months, maybe even years, planning each detail from the flowers to the photos. Making your day unique is important in Limassol where every care is taken to make your day as close to your ideal as possible.

There are plenty of options when marrying in Limassol. Do you want a civil ceremony or are you looking for a more traditional religious ceremony? The choice is yours.

Thinking about the setting you would like for your wedding is an important first step. If you are opting for a civil ceremony perhaps one of the elegantly designed town halls might be your choice. After the wedding couples can then take advantage of beautiful settings amidst the many archaeological sites which make the perfect background to wedding photographs. In Limassol couples can follow the ceremony with photographs in the dramatic setting of Limassol Castle, the Municipal Gardens or even on the beach.

Many hotels now have their own wedding chapels perfectly situated to have blue skies and sea as their back drop. One of the benefits of letting a hotel take care of everything is that it leaves you totally free to enjoy the sunshine before the big day. Most hotels offer a room upgrade for honeymoon couples and special rates for your guests. You will also receive a few little extra luxuries such as champagne and flowers in your room just to make you feel even more special.

The Formalities

Marrying in Cyprus is relatively easy, as the legal formalities are simple and similar to those required in your own country.

Prior to the wedding you and your partner will need to visit the municipal offices of the town in which your wedding will take place in order to make your application for a marriage license.

There, you will need to present the following original documents plus a photocopy:

  • Valid Passports (the names on the wedding certificate must be the same as that on the passports)
  • Birth certificates
  • Evidence of Freedom to Marry or equivalent document from your country.
  • This document must be stamped and signed by a legal authority of your country, (i.e. Registry office, Court, Solicitor)
  • Original Decree Absolute (if either of you are divorced)
  • Death Certificate and previous Marriage Certificate (if either of you are widowed)
  • Letter of Consent from parents or guardian (if either of you are under 18)
  • Adoption papers (if either of you are adopted)
  • Document from solicitor/notary confirming change of name (if either of you has changed your name by Deed Poll)
  • All documents (other than those that are in Greek) must be translated into English and the translations legally certified, before your arrival on the island of Cyprus

It is advisable to both consult and send copies of the above documents in advance to either the Municipality or to your Travel Agent, Wedding Planner or religious Wedding Coordinator, as appropriate, to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation in place, before arriving on the island for your wedding. Please remember that the original documents will still be required by the Municipality. Based on your nationality and/or residency, additional pre/post wedding procedures may apply.

Once the previous formalities have been completed your marriage can take place as follows:

Marriage with Notice: After 15 calendar days (not including the application date and the wedding day) and within 3 months.

Marriage by Special License: From the day of the application and within 15 calendar days.

If you have booked your wedding through a local travel agent, one of the major tour operators or a wedding planner, they will be able to advise you on the paperwork required and will be available to accompany you to the Municipal offices to obtain your license.

All wedding ceremonies are carried out in English but a translator of your language can be made available upon request. At the end of the ceremony you are given a Certificate of Marriage signed by you and your partner, two adult witnesses and the Marriage Officer.

­­­­For­ further ­in formation ­regarding­ legalities ­and ­documentation,­ please ­contact ­your ­Tour ­Operator, ­Travel ­Agent, ­Cyprus ­Wedding ­Planner ­or the­ Municipality ­in ­which ­you­ wish ­to ­marry


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