Limassol Carnival             
12 – 22 February 2015        
Throughout its history Limassol was known as the city of fun and entertainment. One of the brightest annual events is definitely the Carnival. Although many cities and villages organize carnival events, Limassol hosts the largest and most colorful one in Cyprus.
When Does It Start?
50 days before Easter and 10 days before Lent on a Thursday. It is during what is called locally as Meat Week or Kreatini in Greek.This is the last week of eating meat before the Lent period.
What Takes Place?
Festivities start with the Carnival King entering the city, decorated for the occasion (12 February 2015)
Not Forgetting The Children...
On Sunday, February 15th 2015, the youngest participate in the Children’s Parade and then the Serenaders’ shows become the focus of the event. During the 10-day Carnival period many hotels and clubs organize fancy-dress parties.
During The Second Week...
Sunday, 22nd of February 2015, known as Tyrini (Cheese Week, when cheese and other dairy products may be consumed) is the climax of the Carnival. This is when the Grand Carnival Parade takes place.  Colorful floats and groups of fancy-dressed people, singing and dancing, move along the Makariou III Avenue in Limassol.