Paradox Museum Limassol opening in March

Get ready for the most "Paradoxical Museum" which will open its doors on 28th March 2023

Cyprus’ first Paradox Museum and Limassol Marina’s newest and incredibly exciting addition to its commercial area, Paradox Museum Limassol, will open its doors on 28th March 2023. The museum will be permanently based inside the Marina’s TRAKASOL Cultural Center and promises to offer visitors a thrilling experience that will combine education and entertainment, elevating the experience for all things “unexpected”.

After the huge success of Paradox Museum in Oslo, Stockholm and Miami, Paradox Museum Limassol is set to enthrall all age groups, from young to old, with more than 50 impressive exhibits! This must-see venue is the ideal destination for family fun moments and special outings with friends, school trips, parent-child club events and even colleague trips!

Everything in the new Paradox Museum will play with the mind, delivering an unparalleled experience where nothing seems to make sense but is absolutely true! Known worldwide as one of the most innovative venues in the field of experiential entertainment, Paradox Museums strives to mesmerize the mind, fool the eyes, and provide entertaining moments. You will see reality through altered perceptions and fascinating scientific concepts while immersing yourself in fully interactive exhibits. You will discover how your brain and senses can be tricked through a combination of visual and tactile stimuli, as well as witness incredible scientific ideas and paradoxes. Most importantly, you'll have fun creating beautiful experiences and taking memorable 'Instagrammable' photos that friends, and family will think unreal.

Giannos Evangelou, Partner in Paradox Museum Limassol, says, "We are very proud that the Paradox Museum, which aims to establish itself in the field of experiential entertainment globally, has arrived in Cyprus, and specifically in Limassol, where it will open its doors on 28 March. We are sure that the museum will captivate every visitor, as we have witnessed in Miami, Stockholm, Oslo, and soon in Barcelona and Paris. The goal is to rethink phenomena that occur in your everyday life, experienced through 50+ exhibits that visitors will be able to feel, photograph and process.”

General Director of the Museum, Giorgos Roussos, says: "I am particularly happy to be part of an innovative space that is constantly evolving. The innovation is unparalleled, with unique experiences that range from education to fun and entertainment. It is not only a creative phenomenon. It is the creation of stories that challenges each of us to rethink the norm! Every day is different. It is an experience that will play with our mind!!! We focus our philosophy on pillars such as collaboration, exploration, innovation and different perception, in an environment that challenges you to question everything you know."

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