Deputy Ministry of Tourism

GMT + 2

Euro (€) = 100 cents.

Greek and Turkish are the official languages. English is widely spoken. Russian, French and German are also spoken in the tourism industry.

240 volts AC, 50Hz. Square 13-amp three-pin plugs (UK-type) are used. Adaptor plugs are widely available from hotel receptions or shops.

Climate and Weather
Limassol has an intense Mediterranean climate with a hot, dry summer which begins in mid May and lasts until mid September and with a rainy, but very moderate winter from November until mid March. Spring and autumn are very brief periods, characterised by very good weather. The duration of the day, with a very clear sky and sunshine throughout the year, ranges from 9.8 hours in December to 14.5 hours in June. The temperature during the day in summer ranges between 22 and 36 degrees Celsius, while in winter it rages between 1 and 18 degrees Celsius depending on the altitude of the area. The sea temperature is approximately 15.5 degrees Celsius and 24 degrees Celsius in winter, in August and September. These specific temperatures allow for swimming throughout the year.

South coast of Cyprus


Republic since 1960

Greek Orthodox

1 January New Year's Day
6 January Epiphany
14 March Orthodox Ash Monday
25 March Greek Independence Day
1 April National Day
29 April Orthodox Good Friday
1 May May Day
2 May Orthodox Easter Monday
20 June Orthodox Whit Monday
15 August Assumption Day
1 October Independence Day
28 October Ochi Day / Greek National Day
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Boxing Day

Visitors to Cyprus can exchange currency, open bank accounts, send cash and effect various types of non-cash transactions in banks.

Mon-Fri 0815-1330 May-September; Mon-Fri 0830-1330 and Mon 1515-1645 October-April.

Shops are open during the week generally from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. (with some shops also open until 9 p.m.), on Saturdays from 9 – 1; some are also open on Sundays and holidays. Payments are made in Euros, but most shops also accept credit cards.

Post offices are open weekdays from 7.30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

To use payphones, you will have to buy phone cards from post offices or newspaper kiosk. Almost the whole island is covered by mobile telephone signals, while operators have signed contracts with major European and global operators.

Industry / Commerce / Economy
Limassol is considered to be one of the most significant commercial and industrial centres of Cyprus. It has developed into one of the largest Mediterranean harbours for transit of goods and transportation of passengers and is rapidly developing into one of the most significant marine, touristic, commercial and service centres in the area.

Limassol harbour, a harbour of multiple purposes, is the main harbour of Cyprus. The harbour’s marine area covers one square kilometre, while its terrestrial area covers 1.3 square kilometres.

Business Contacts
Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Limassol Tourism Development and Promotion Co Ltd

Hotel Associations and Agrotourism information
Cyprus Hotels Association 
Association of Cyprus Tourism Enterprises 
Cyprus Agrotourism Company 

Important Telephone Numbers
Police 112 / 199
Fire brigade 112
Ambulance 112
General telephone information 11892
Urban Buses +357 25354050
Airports / Flight Information 77778833
Harbour Authority +357 25207200
Pharmacies (all day / all night) +357 90901405
Lemesos Municipality +357 25884300
Yermasoyia Municipality +357 25879898
Ayios Athanasios Municipality +357 25724252
Mesa Yeitonia Municipality +357 25723597
Kato Polemidia Municipality +357 25821382

Where to find additional information about Limassol - Cyprus 

Cyprus Tourism Organisation Offices in Limassol
(1) Spyrou Araouzou 115A, CY3036 Limassol, tel. +357 25362756
(2) Georgiou A’ 22, CY 4047 Limassol, Potamos Yermasoyias (eastern entrance of Dasoudi beach), tel. +357 25323211
(3) Limassol Harbour, tel. +357 25571868

Limassol Tourism Development and Promotion Co Ltd Offices
170, Franklin Roosevelt, Limassol Chamber House, 2nd floor
P.O. Box 55699, 3781 Limassol, Cyprus
Tel +357 25877350, fax +357 25661655