Limassol AGORA Panigiri – A traditional day suitable for the whole family.

In the heart of the old city of Limassol, the Limassol AGORA panigiri (traditional day) offers both entertainment and a taste of Cyprus culture and tradition. Our next rendezvous is on Saturday 3rd September.

The panigiri offers a range of activities suitable for the whole family and we point out a few of particular interest.

 Palouze & Shoushoukko. Palouze is a beloved autumn treat which most Cypriots crave to savour freshly made, i.e while still warm, freshly removed from the copper cauldron in which it is prepared. Having a jello-like texture, palouzes is also the primary ingredient of another traditional sweet, the shoushoukkko. At the panigiri, you have the opportunity to taste freshly made, warm palouze and also see first-hand how shoushoukko is made. There will be a morning (11:00 – 13:00) and afternoon (14:00 – 16:00) live demonstration so you may choose at what time to visit the panigiri at your convenience.

 With multiple meal choices from the various street food vendors, visitors may enjoy their lunch with live entertainment by a musical trio performing Greek & Cypriot songs between midday and 4pm. Or you may choose to visit the popup coffee shop and ask for the traditional “boukoma” or breakfast accompanied with complementary Cyprus coffee.

 Feeling competitive? Then why not join the backgammon competition offering prizes of 150€ & 50€ to the two finalists. Important to note that all the contestants receive gifts courtesy of Laiko Coffee, the competition sponsor, and all who reach the semi-finals will also receive additionally a traditional wooden backgammon set. The competition will start at midday at the popup coffee shop where complementary coffee will be served as of 10am.

 In parallel to the entertainment programme of the day, the panigiri will have an art exhibition featuring local artists and also a bazaar with traditional products & delicacies like loukoumades, koupes, tarhana, various weaved baskets, organic beauty products, lavender based ointments and sprays as well as herbal teas and essential oils.

 So, mark the date. Our next rendez-vous is at Limassol AGORA for the panigiri on Saturday 3rd September as of 10am. We look forward to welcoming you.